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The Stone Cold Truth About Learn Build Earn

The Stone Cold Truth About Learn Build Earn published on

2009 has been a long hard year, but I’ve had a pretty good online education. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes, but learning each time I make one. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences and can relate to mine. Anyway, now it’s time to build on that education and become a serious online marketer and start earning a living.

This is the key to success. After you eliminated the first three steps, then you can spend more time selling and marketing your products. Isn’t that the whole idea in the first place?

There are many ways to improve your affiliate sales with digital marketing. Blogging is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to do this. Here I will list the most important steps to increasing your sales with Blogspot marketing. These are really simple but the income you can get from following them is out of this world.

Situated in the aptly named Studio Walk, this experience allows you to take part in a crime scene investigation of your choosing. Just as it happens every week on the television show, you can identify clues, analyse the evidence and – hopefully – come up with a solution to what happened. It’s a great day out for a fan.

I always suggest that people choose a laser focused niche to start affiliate marketing. If you have a specific interest tied to a product, then it is more likely your traffic will act on any offer you present them. If your general interest is sports and you are promoting tennis equipment, then you are not going to convert with any of the people who are into sports other than tennis. If you build your site for specifically people into tennis, then your conversion rate on any tennis equipment offers will be much higher than a general sports site. So once you have chosen an interest to blog about, try to think if you can focus that topic any further.

Think about the things that interest you. If you choose to build a site around your interests then you will find creating content so much easier. I have a blog that is based on music and it is never a chore to update it. I love music so it is easy to write posts and share my thoughts. You don’t have to be an expert on something, as long as it is one of your interests you will find it easier to create content. With the amount of affiliate offers out there, you can almost always find a product to promote that matches your interests.

Well, I got news for you. The lowly e-book is still alive and well and making money for me and for a host of other internet marketers. There’s an important place in your sales and product funnels for e-books. There may be other things people are looking for, but e-books are still the mainstay of Learn Build Earn.

Picture your blog in the middle of this page, the hub of a wheel, if you will. Picture spokes going out to squares surrounding your blog. The squares represent other aspects of your marketing, such as Facebook, MySpace, Article writing, video marketing.

Establish a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are great places to quickly post your content. And yes, they are free. Getting set up on social media sites is easy enough, however be warned that gaining friends, followers, or connections will take some time and effort. But once you do, it’s an ideal place to post your content. Learn Build Earn

So my advice to a newbie would be to start out with one website, one product or a maximum of four products which can be sold through the same website because they are all related. This can be done by having an index page with multiple up sale pages. Learn how to build a website, learn how to promote yourself, your product and your website. Once you have accomplished that and began to make some money from it, then move on to another product and website and see if you can repeat or increase your success. Continue to learn about websites and continue to learn about advertising and promoting. Good Luck in your Business Venture.

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